The Unnecessary Sorry

I'm not super eloquent as you alllll surely know, but I'm gonna try to get my point across without sounding reeeeal stupid. This has been on my mind a lot lately, because everywhere I look people are saying sorry for the dumbest reasons. You know the ones!

Sorry I look like this
Sorry the place is such a mess (haven't had time to clean up.. name that movie)
Sorry this picture is blurry
Sorry I'm not talking much


It really doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but we are just so used to apologizing for being ourselves that I truly think it has an effect on who we are and what we think of ourselves. Some of the best people I know are the people who are unapologetically themselves. These people are confident and bold and kind, while never apologizing for their own unique quirks and opinions. They have big hearts, they say sorry when it is needed and keep quiet when it's not. They aren't rude, they are just not sorry for being human. Can we all just take the time to think it through before we apologize for the trivial things? Let's be comfy with being people and stop saying sorry for it.       Now there are OBVIOUSLY times where sorry is necessary. I'm not heartless. If you've done something wrong, if you've hurt someone's feelings, if you've made a mistake, etc. Hopefully you'll know. hahahaha.

Thank you to Amy Poehler for the wise words, AS ALWAYS. I have a big project coming up in which Amy Poehler quotes are a larrrrrge contributor.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

The Unnecessary Sorry