Gospel Glue-In Sheet!

Sometimes followers tell me to do things, and I'm like. "Um, no. Sorry. That won't work out. You think it'll be nice, but it won't sell." --- honestly this has only happened a few times. And those are the times I refer people to my "custom order listing" :)

But OTHER TIMES, followers and friends suggest things that I say "YES GREAT IDEA!!" to. Like yesterday, when I accidentally printed a dollhouse version of The Living Christ, posted it because miniature things are freakin adorable, and got A MILLION (ten) people comment that it would be a great scripture glue-in. To be quite honest, I didn't even know people still used actual scriptures anymore.... When we have such handy dandy electronic devices! (K I really do see how reading the real thing can be helpful to people though.)

ANYWAYS! The people asked and I have delivered!!

Here it is! A page of mini inspiration. The size is 8.5x11, your standard printer paper.

Download here

This is what it will look like.... just snip along the black lines!

The Unnecessary Sorry