We Back!


About a month back, something happened. And my blog became a hideous thing. All of my design was... lost. I was annoyed because I happened to have an important post coming, but I mean, I'm no HTML professional, so it wasn't a huge loss. Anyways. I've been too lazy to fix it, but yesterday I thought, I AM A GROWN-A$$ WOMAN! I can fix this!! So I did.

I like having a place to share my thoughts about certain prints and quotes and things. So here we are. Do you feel a little bit like you're in a rubber room with all this WHITE? Well I had to stay on brand, didn't I?

I've thought about a website, but um... I truly love the ease of Etsy for both myself and my customers! All I need is this blank white space to ramble on and on. I used to blog all the time, did you know that? Through and after high school, up until the very very end of 2014. The year my mom was diagnosed with cancer and then kicked cancer's butt. It was therapeutic for me, as well as a way to keep family and friends updated on the happenings in the Robinson house. I wrote my last blog post the day after Christmas, and never looked back. It seemed like a good ending. Here is that blog post. I'm still really proud of it.

Anyways. Got a little off track there! I actually have no artistic substance to show you today. Unless you count this flawless, beautiful writing as art. ha. ha. ha.

Stay Golden.

The Unnecessary Sorry