How to be grounded from Target: a free printable

I should be a more committed blogger, I suppose.

but I do also suppose that's just not ma style! haha.

Recently, I made quite a large purchase. instead of saving like I should have (I saved some... just not quite enough to be comfortable! ha) I kinda just bought the dang thing and now I'm FORCED to save! so I guess that really worked out.

anyways. like many of the female species, I have a problem. called Target. it is literally 3 minutes away from where I live. I could walk down the street and touch it. I could be there in 1 minute if I didn't have to drive around it. I grew up hopping the wall to get slushies and sweets from the food court.

you get my point. Target is my kryptonite.

SO! since I'm grounded from Target (and technically Old Navy as well), with my new purchase (an iPad Pro ((which is a dream and a half))) I created this doodle, which I believe will HELP AND INFLUENCE MANY WOMEN!!! hahahahaha. (we'll see if it even helps me)

SO! here it is, and HERE is the link to download it yourself if you so wish.

The Unnecessary Sorry