Halloween Printables!

I'm having a hard time getting into the Halloween spirit this year! It's never been my favorite holiday, and if we're being honest I'd love to skip right to Thanksgiving ;) Here are some free printables from last year! 

HEY IT'S OCTOBER! I put up Halloween decorations at work today and it made me so excited for the next few months of festivities! I scratched up a few Halloweeny prints today at work, and decided it's too late in the month (ha, 3 days) to put them in the shop, sooo.. FREE PRINTABLES! Sorry I don't have anything fancier, I'm putting most of my time toward my secret project annnd Thanksgiving/Christmas prints. Sorry not sorry about that.

Anyway! Happy Halloween month everybody! 


You Have What You Have

Ok, so I just finished a book. THIS IS BIG, you guys. I am the queen of starting books and never finishing them. I have been this way since I was a wee little elementary school goer. ANYWAYS. I started Perks of Being a Wallflower, and finished 3 days later. My mind is blown, this book is so good, everyone read it. 

These words were particularly amazing to me, because this is what I have been taught my whole life, but Stephen Chbosky just put it perfectly. Don't let anyone minimize your pain. ever. 

Happy Tuesday!

Beary Cute Print

Hi hello heyyyy!

So, I go through phases of which animal is my favorite. I'm actually 6 years old.

But lately it has been a bear, and that favorite has stuck around for quite a while! Don't go raining on my parade with something like "It wouldn't be your favorite if you met one in the woods..." because JOKE'S ON YOU I just watched Once I Was A Beehive and they taught me what to do in such situations... although I'm sure I would just faint with either type of bear.

ANYWAYS! Thought I'd combine my love for folk art with my love for those big cuddly monsters.

Three more color options over at Whitton and White!

Pawnee Love

Sometimes the people of Pawnee Indiana just hit it right on the nose.

Click on the "SHOP" link above to see these as prints!

Limbo and Self Worth!

Hello you majestic wild unicorns!

Today's lil posty-post is about WORTH! A fewww years ago, a friend of mine posted this perfect paragraph of validation, empowerment, and brilliance on Facebook. just words and thoughts from her own brain, although yeah it DOES sound like it cam from a general authority, doesn't it? anyways. she HAS A POINT. I myself am in this limbo area of life... and it is as applicable to me today as it was when she posted it.
The point is, it is REALLY hard not to compare yourself to other people's timelines and situations. Really. I'm generally a happy person, but sometimes I get downright moody and maybe even bitter when I think about my life compared to other peoples lives. How dumb is that?! I mean, it's dumb, but it's pretty normal because I am a human being. BUT the thing is, I know that where I am right now is exactly where I'm supposed to be. I know that for a fact. #CuzPrayer

So lately, instead of feeling like a loser, I pull myself up and think,

How am I growing?
Am I growing?
Am I making a difference?
Am I serving others?
Am I happy?
So here, my lovely humans, is a free print for you to read whenever your heart needs it. Because I know I'm not the only one who worries about this limbo phase ;)
- - - if you were wondering about my faith, check it out here!

How to be grounded from Target: a free printable

I should be a more committed blogger, I suppose.

but I do also suppose that's just not ma style! haha.

Recently, I made quite a large purchase. instead of saving like I should have (I saved some... just not quite enough to be comfortable! ha) I kinda just bought the dang thing and now I'm FORCED to save! so I guess that really worked out.

anyways. like many of the female species, I have a problem. called Target. it is literally 3 minutes away from where I live. I could walk down the street and touch it. I could be there in 1 minute if I didn't have to drive around it. I grew up hopping the wall to get slushies and sweets from the food court.

you get my point. Target is my kryptonite.

SO! since I'm grounded from Target (and technically Old Navy as well), with my new purchase (an iPad Pro ((which is a dream and a half))) I created this doodle, which I believe will HELP AND INFLUENCE MANY WOMEN!!! hahahahaha. (we'll see if it even helps me)

SO! here it is, and HERE is the link to download it yourself if you so wish.

The Unnecessary Sorry