Dunder Mifflin Monday - 2

Hello hellooooooooo!

It's Dunder Mifflin Monday, y'all!

In honor of participating in an 8-week healthy challenge starting today... I give you Kevin Malone everybody! I can still eat tacos. mostly vegetables, right?

John Green Quote

My sister asked me to send her this quote. I knew it was John Green, so I went to Pinterest. (because I wasn't at my computer.) and it was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. which is upsetting.
because you guys, these words are hella important. 
that's right.

so here I am at 12:40. ON NYQUIL... posting it so that it may be pinned and spread and listened to.

there are some words that I don't even put my "mark" on, because I don't even care if someone steals it, because like I said.. IMPORTANT. 

Dunder Mifflin Monday!

ok so that probably won't be a real thing. we'll see. 

I actually have this list on my desk of lines from The Office & Parks and Rec that are either hilarious, hilariously stupid, or hilariously relatable! SO. 
here we are. 

proof that today wasn't a complete waste of time ;)

Sunday Goods- Elisabeth Elliot

hey heyyy!

happy Sabbath to you. 

Good Sunday words comin' atcha

I've heard the similar quote by Elder Holland that says, "If it was right when you prayed about it and trusted it and lived for it... it is right now."
I love that. and I love the way Elisabeth here put it. because we as humans have a tendency to make a prayerful decision, then overthink it, then doubt it. 
the key is that it was PRAYERFUL. you decided with the help of Heavenly Father, right?
so quit that overthinking! 

The Unnecessary Sorry