Lately --- July!


I need to be more active over here. so HERE I AM.

a few things I have been working on lately....

 ok, go easy on me. I've been practicing the art of people. because honestly? I'm horrible at proportions. horrible. BUUUUT I wanted to fix that! at least a little bit. so I've started creating people out of my head as well as finding pictures of people to recreate. that up there is Hailey Devine (picture here) (felt like a real creep doing that one, but that fro was too awesome) and Ivy. Yes, Ivy's head really is that big.

And another thing I do to practice, is movie/tv show quotes. I'm kind of in this funk... where... all I want to watch, ever, at any time, is The Office. ha! so anyways, there's a relatable Kelly Quote for you. 

thank you for reading, and hopefully not judging my very veryyyy amateur illustrator skills. 
and THANK YOU Atly for the class. seriously. just super.
(they have online classes about everything under the sun--- honestly, so great. and not pricey)

The Unnecessary Sorry