Before we begin, I would like everyone to pray, and wish upon a star, and make an 11:11 wish that blogger will not turn against me. this is the THIRD Whitton and White blog I have made, because. well I won't bore you with the details. but it was QUITE frustrating!

but that doesn't matter, all that matters is that we are heeeeere now!

This is a place for me to post my musings and experiments and everything having to do with artsy fartsy stuff.

most of the stuff I do is digital, SOME is pen & ink, and a very small portion is watercolor (when I decide not to be too lazy to dig that stuff out of the drawer)

SO I work in the office at an elementary school, right? well. a while back, it was time for that blessed maturation program. dudes, I was stoked! I decided to draw up little uterus on the whiteboard telling parents where to go. I was going to erase it, seeing as the maturation programs would be for boys too, but then the nurse saw it and LOVED it, and everyone was just laaaaaughing and laughing, so it got to stay there. here is that board...

of course I had to make an actual print! INCLUDING that hilarious Parks & Rec quote (also considered "How Cuterus is your Uterus?") I tagged Amy Poehler's Smart Girls in it on Instagram and they COMMENTED ON IT. that was huge for me. it just means that MAYBE Amy herself saw it, and MAYBE she laughed. and that's plenty enough for me! (girl crush) ok anyway here's that!

I wrote in my "about" section that I'm still trying to find my style, and I DEFINITELY have not found it, but "garden sculpting" as I like to call it, is definitely a huge chunk of my artsy persona. is that even a thing? well my cough medicine is kicking in in a big way so we're gonna go with it.

happy Thursday one and all!

The Unnecessary Sorry