Post-Bijou Ramblings

Well hey! long time noooo talk. 

I recently participated in the Bijou Market, in the lovely downtown Provo. It was a ton of work, but a ton of fun and I'm SO glad I did it. I really have major respect for the people who put these types of things together, at an affordable price for small shops such as mine. 

Some of my FAVORITE shops, which are regulars at these functions, are Alexa Z Design, Hello Maypole, and  Lacy Lou

My biggest sellers were not what I thought they'd be! but I'm so grateful for the people who support this little thing-a-ding I'm running. 

Here are my top-sellers, they are now available over at my Etsy shop! 

Amy P - - - Spirit Animal To All

Don't you love finding a quote to fit someone's personality EXACTLY? 
I especially love it when the quote was said by none other than THEEEEEE AMY POEHLER.
I know you're obsessed with her too.
don't deny it. 

anyway, this little project was a birthday present for my best friend, who is the weirdest. well maybe not so much weird as... quirky. nope. she's weird. and she is PROUD OF IT.
I also got her a Jurassic Park tshirt. I won't tell you which one she freaked out about more. ;)

Dunder Mifflin Monday - 2

Hello hellooooooooo!

It's Dunder Mifflin Monday, y'all!

In honor of participating in an 8-week healthy challenge starting today... I give you Kevin Malone everybody! I can still eat tacos. mostly vegetables, right?

John Green Quote

My sister asked me to send her this quote. I knew it was John Green, so I went to Pinterest. (because I wasn't at my computer.) and it was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. which is upsetting.
because you guys, these words are hella important. 
that's right.

so here I am at 12:40. ON NYQUIL... posting it so that it may be pinned and spread and listened to.

there are some words that I don't even put my "mark" on, because I don't even care if someone steals it, because like I said.. IMPORTANT. 

Dunder Mifflin Monday!

ok so that probably won't be a real thing. we'll see. 

I actually have this list on my desk of lines from The Office & Parks and Rec that are either hilarious, hilariously stupid, or hilariously relatable! SO. 
here we are. 

proof that today wasn't a complete waste of time ;)

Sunday Goods- Elisabeth Elliot

hey heyyy!

happy Sabbath to you. 

Good Sunday words comin' atcha

I've heard the similar quote by Elder Holland that says, "If it was right when you prayed about it and trusted it and lived for it... it is right now."
I love that. and I love the way Elisabeth here put it. because we as humans have a tendency to make a prayerful decision, then overthink it, then doubt it. 
the key is that it was PRAYERFUL. you decided with the help of Heavenly Father, right?
so quit that overthinking! 

Maid and a Mer

her name is Mary. the uptight babysitter. 

and I just drew this mermaid to see if I could draw a mermaid. well aware that her right arm is significantly shorter than her right. bye!

Lately --- July!


I need to be more active over here. so HERE I AM.

a few things I have been working on lately....

 ok, go easy on me. I've been practicing the art of people. because honestly? I'm horrible at proportions. horrible. BUUUUT I wanted to fix that! at least a little bit. so I've started creating people out of my head as well as finding pictures of people to recreate. that up there is Hailey Devine (picture here) (felt like a real creep doing that one, but that fro was too awesome) and Ivy. Yes, Ivy's head really is that big.

And another thing I do to practice, is movie/tv show quotes. I'm kind of in this funk... where... all I want to watch, ever, at any time, is The Office. ha! so anyways, there's a relatable Kelly Quote for you. 

thank you for reading, and hopefully not judging my very veryyyy amateur illustrator skills. 
and THANK YOU Atly for the class. seriously. just super.
(they have online classes about everything under the sun--- honestly, so great. and not pricey)

Cinderella Wisdom

ok, so I know, you've seen this quote on just about every block of the USA.

not a bad thing! for those who haven't seen it, it's from the new live-action Cinderella, which was an incredibly well-done and downright MAGICAL movie. it lived up to every expectation I had, which is saying a lot because I have never changed my mind about Cinderella being my favorite classic Disney movie!

I wanted to make this one special, because have extra love for the simple yet powerful words. I also LOVE how throughout the movie, she reminds herself out loud. sometimes you have to do that! sometimes it's hard to be kind! and have courage! anyways, here is my little creation!
you can purchase it over at my shop :)


Before we begin, I would like everyone to pray, and wish upon a star, and make an 11:11 wish that blogger will not turn against me. this is the THIRD Whitton and White blog I have made, because. well I won't bore you with the details. but it was QUITE frustrating!

but that doesn't matter, all that matters is that we are heeeeere now!

This is a place for me to post my musings and experiments and everything having to do with artsy fartsy stuff.

most of the stuff I do is digital, SOME is pen & ink, and a very small portion is watercolor (when I decide not to be too lazy to dig that stuff out of the drawer)

SO I work in the office at an elementary school, right? well. a while back, it was time for that blessed maturation program. dudes, I was stoked! I decided to draw up little uterus on the whiteboard telling parents where to go. I was going to erase it, seeing as the maturation programs would be for boys too, but then the nurse saw it and LOVED it, and everyone was just laaaaaughing and laughing, so it got to stay there. here is that board...

of course I had to make an actual print! INCLUDING that hilarious Parks & Rec quote (also considered "How Cuterus is your Uterus?") I tagged Amy Poehler's Smart Girls in it on Instagram and they COMMENTED ON IT. that was huge for me. it just means that MAYBE Amy herself saw it, and MAYBE she laughed. and that's plenty enough for me! (girl crush) ok anyway here's that!

I wrote in my "about" section that I'm still trying to find my style, and I DEFINITELY have not found it, but "garden sculpting" as I like to call it, is definitely a huge chunk of my artsy persona. is that even a thing? well my cough medicine is kicking in in a big way so we're gonna go with it.

happy Thursday one and all!

The Unnecessary Sorry