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I hadn't had a very hard life before 2014 struck. Well at least I thought I hadn't. When I was younger, from about 3rd-5th grade I had some pretty bad anxiety. It was about the weather, fire drills, something happening to my mom, and on and on. I was in therapy for about a year, which helped a tooon. For the most part, the anxiety was gone. And when it was gone it was gone. I didn't really think of it as a trial, because I was pretty young, and I guess I was resilient.

Ironically in 2014, something did happen to my mom. Cancer happened, that SOB. It was a year of prayer, and patience, and relying on my Savior. There were moments when all I could do was collapse to the floor of my bedroom and pray that my mama could feel some relief from the chemo demons. chemons, if you will. (I just made that up and I'm really mad I didn't think of it 3 years ago) In the past few years, I've gone through a few bouts of gnarly anxiety, which I would still have if it weren't …

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